Neko Biochar

Neko Biochar

Soil conditioner. Suitable for composting.

The packaging sizes of the sacks are 10 l, 25 l, 50 l and 2000 l.

Neko Biohiili is charcoal made from spruce trunk wood harvested directly from the forest by heating without oxygen, which is characterized by porosity. Thanks to its porosity, biochar can store and release water and nutrients and aerate the growing medium. Biochar acts as a growth medium for beneficial microbes that break down organic matter and release nutrients for plants to use.

  • Stores water and nutrients
  • Aerates the growing medium -> promotes the growth of the root system
  • Suitable for composting, reserves nutrients from the compost
  • Acts as a growth medium for beneficial microbes in the soil
  • Binds runoff water

Add approx. 0.5 l – 1 l of biochar / 10 l of biowaste / time, mix
Add approx. 2 dl of biochar on top of the toilet waste.

The biochar used for soil improvement is loaded with nutrients and mixed with e.g.
compost at a ratio of 1 biochar / 10 compost or by adding fertilizer.
Absorption with liquid fertilizer: Add biochar and the same amount
of liquid fertilizer diluted according to the fertilizer’s instructions to the container and let it absorb for approx. 12-24 h.
Absorption with solid fertilizer: Mix e.g. 10 l of biochar and fertilizer in the container, the amount that would be dosed for 1 m2, add 10 l of water and let it soak for 1-3 days.
Feeding with solid fertilizer after spreading biochar on the growing medium
Add biochar to the growing medium, mix the amount of fertilizer with biochar according to its instructions for use and water abundantly. Biochar stays in the soil for decades.

From the growing medium to the open ground approx. 10 l – 20 l biochar / 1 m2 (5-10%).
Flower plantings, soil mixtures 10 l biochar / 100 l mixed with soil.
Planting pit 10-20 l biochar / tree or bush.
Lawn establishment phase 25 l biochar / 10 m2

Dry matter content 77%
pH 9.5
Electrical conductivity 64 mS/m
organic carbon 95.2%
0 N/C ratio
density 86 g / 1 l
granule size 1-20 mm
Cadmium (Cd) 0.0032 mg/kg