Neko Patent Potassium K25 Mg6 S17 -granules

Neko Patent Potassium K25 Mg6 S17 -granules

For supplementary fertilization of potassium, magnesium and sulphur. Suitable for organic production.

Package size 600 kg

NEKO Patent Potassium K 25 Mg 6 S 17 Organic

To increase potassium. Grain 2-5 mm.
Cereals, berries, grass, roots, vegetables.


  • fertilizer suitable for organic production
  • both as investment and surface fertilizer
  • for potassium supplementation in general
  • also for e.g. berries and fruit trees to increase magnesium.
  • the fertilizer should be placed at a distance of more than 5 cm (deeper) from the seeds


Indicative usage amounts:

Grain 50 – 100 kg / ha
Grass, berry plants 100 – 150 kg / ha
Roots, vegetables 150 – 250 kg / ha

Composition in weight percentages

Kalium K 25
Magnesium Mg 6
Rikki S 17