Neko Organic 1 – NPK 10-3-1 -pellet

Neko Organic 1 – NPK 10-3-1 -pellet

Neko organic fertilizer 1 is an organic fertilizer – for fertilizing fields, vegetables and lawns.

Package size 750 kg

Meat and bone powder. Pellet 4 mm.
Field, open ground, autumn crops, grass.


  • fertilizer suitable for organic production
  • organic matter of animal origin
  • increases soil micro-animal activity – improving soil structure
  • permanent fertilizer
  • application in connection with spring sowing/tillage.
  • combined sowing – fertilizers for use by the plant immediately after growth begins
  • high nitrogen content in relation to phosphorus – annual use possible
    – the phosphorus content does not get too high
  • fertilizer depth approx. 4-8 cm.

Used volumes are affected by e.g. cultivated plant,
composition and nutrient status of the soil/growing medium.

Open land approx. 500-1000 kg / ha / year
Autumn cereals approx. 300 kg / ha

Neko NPK 10-3-1 pdf

Raw material

Meat and bone powder

Composition in weight percentages

Total nitrogen N 10
Organic nitrogen 10
Phosphorus P 2.6
Potassium K 1.0
Calcium Ca 4.4
Zinc Zn 0.11
Boron B 0.02
Manganese Mn 0.02
Organic material 100%