Finnish fertilizer manufacturer

Oy Neko Ab is a Finnish family business founded in 1941. We manufacture and resell fertilizers for hobby and professional farming. In addition, we operate as an importer and dealer of the Maestral Two-Wheel Tractor.

Chemist Pentti Naapuri became the head of the company in the 50s. Deaf as a result of a war injury, he thought it best to work as a private entrepreneur and thus employ himself with more certainty. The products of the early years of the company were e.g. Baking Soda, Vinegar, Cheese Extractor, Mouthwash, Huis Mosquito Oil, Dance Floor Lubricant Powder, Dollar Car Wax. The specialty is Pent’s own design, a Fibera hockey stick, one of which can probably be seen in the collections of the Finnish Hockey Museum in Tampere.

In 1962, Pentti Naapuri developed its own fertilizer solution. The first batch of 500 plant nutrients packed in small glass bottles went out into the world in sales representatives’ briefcases.
As demand grew and expanded to professional farms as well, the company’s production direction was focused on fertilizer manufacturing.

Business operations
Our company has operated continuously for 80 years. Aimo Naapuri, CEO, and musician Simo Naapuri, sales director, have together grown and developed Neko’s business operations alongside giant companies in the fertilizer industry.

Neko, a domestic fertilizer manufacturer, offers a versatile selection of NPK fertilizers and trace elements for professional and hobby farming, including organic production. In our products, we consider high quality, appropriateness and environmental friendliness to be important.

Working in the plant industry is exciting and inspiring. It’s a pleasure to be part of the growing interest in the green world.
We know – happiness grows in the garden!