Maestral Two-wheel tractor

Maestral Two-wheel tractor

The Maestral Two-Wheel Tractor is a professional multipurpose machine for yard and garden work all year round. A versatile selection of accessories.


Maestral Two-wheel tractor handles yard and garden work all year round. By changing attachments, it plows, mills, sows, mows, brushes, spins, shreds and transports. The machine is suitable for both professional and hobby use, e.g. for gardens and farms, landscaping, home gardens and summer cottages.

The engine options are Honda Hv 9 or Lombardini Diesel Hv 8.

Power transmission of the mower
Mowers 100-160 cm
Single blade lawnmower width 80 cm
Two-blade lawnmower width 90 cm
Grass/Hay cutting device
Brushing device
Snow thrower (2 widths)
Snow plate
Branch shredder (2 models + also available in a higher-powered version with its own motor)
Round blade plough
Potato lifting device
Hay straw
Trailer capacity 350 kg, with bench and tipping
Trailer with pulling wheels, capacity 750 kg
Transport wagon

In addition, additional accessories are available, e.g. additional weight, tire widening/grip