Neko Manganese fertilizer -liquid

Neko Manganese fertilizer -liquid

Foliar and irrigation fertilizer for field and garden plants to correct manganese deficiency.

Type name Micronutrient solution

Packaging size 10l, 210l, 700l Sales lot 40pcs x 10l (Eur pallet)

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For manganese deficiency. Foliar and irrigation fertilizer for field and garden plants.


  • fertilizer suitable for organic production
  • only for the identified need
  • foliar and irrigation fertilizer
  • manganese promotes photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation in plants
  • acts like a catalyst in different stages of growth
  • optimal composition for adding manganese to plants
  • contains nitrogen, which helps the absorption of manganese into the plant
  • did not support nozzles
  • mixes well with water

Spraying is recommended before the visible symptoms of manganese deficiency appear on the plants, so that when spraying, the plants do not have time to suffer damage due to the lack of manganese. Manganese promotes photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation in plants and acts as a catalyst in different stages of growth.

Suitable for organic production.


For correcting manganese deficiency for field and garden plants.

For spraying 1-1.5 l / ha / 200-300 l of water
Spray again every 7-14 days in moderate to severe nutrient deficiency.
Garden plants, lawn 9-20 l / 1000 l water (maximum 4 l – 5 l manganese solution / ha).

Used only for identified need. Usage quantities must not be exceeded.
It should not be used in the same spraying with boron, fenpropide, MCP, MCPA, Ally, Matrigon, clopyralid-based substances, e.g. Ariane S or Neko Vegetable nutrient. Do not spray plants with a thin layer of wax on their leaves.

It is recommended to use a wetting agent (reducing surface tension) when spraying manganese. Add Neko Manganese Solution 235 to the tank mix last.

Danger of corrosion damage in case of contact with skin and eyes. When handling the manganese solution, use protective gloves, protective clothing, face and eye protection, and a respirator
when spraying. Manganese solution that gets on the skin and eyes should be rinsed with plenty of water.

manganese (Mn) 15% 235 g/l
nitrate nitrogen (NO3-3-N) 8% 120 g/l

Specific gravity: 1.57 kg/l

ph: 0–1

color: pinkish solution