Neko Magnesium Fertilizer -liquid

Neko Magnesium Fertilizer -liquid

Magnesium fertilizer for plants

Package size 10l Sales lot 1 pc, 75 pc

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Magnesium fertilizer for plants. Use only for identified need.

Mg uptake by plants is weak in acidic, sandy soils, high potassium soils and in cold and wet conditions. Deficiency appears as yellow and brown leaves that wither and die, early ripening, wilting, premature leaf drop.

Magnesium foliar fertilizer for field and garden plants

General instructions: as foliar fertilizer 3 – 5 l / ha / 200 l – 300 l of water.

When spraying 3 l – 5 l / ha /min. 200 l of water / ha
Re-injection after 10-14 days in moderate to severe nutrient deficiency.

Use only for identified need.

Neko Magnesium fertilizer is compatible with most plant protection agents.

Since in practice the compatibility of all substances in use has not been tested, it is useful to test the suitability of the substances in the same mixture with small quantities. When mixing with fertilizers and plant protection agents, fill the syringe 2/3 with water and add the different products separately. Add the Neko Mg fertilizer last, stirring constantly.

Risk of corrosion damage in case of contact with skin and eyes. When handling Mg fertilizer, wear protective gloves, protective clothing, face and eye protection, and a respirator when spraying. Mg fertilizer that has come into contact with the skin and eyes should be rinsed with plenty of water.

Magnesium (Mg) 25% 400 g / l
Calcium (Ca) 1.4%

specific gravity: 1.61 kg/l

ph: 8 – 10

color: brown