Neko Natural fertilizer N4 Ca8 -pellet

Neko Natural fertilizer N4 Ca8 -pellet

A fast-acting multinutrient that increases green growth and flowering for field and garden plants.
Universal fertilizer for useful and ornamental plants, open field and greenhouse cultivation,
for soil mixtures, lawns and flower bulbs.
Package size 25 kg Sales lot 20 pcs, 40 pcs


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General fertilizer incl. Ca 8%. Pellet 5 mm.
Useful and decorative plants, open field and greenhouse cultivation,
soil mixtures, lawns, flower bulbs.


  • fertilizer suitable for organic production
  • vegetable organic matter
  • improves soil microbial activity
  • permanent fertilizer
  • including calcium 8% – calcifying effect.
  • for nitrogen addition

Usage volumes

General instructions: for watering mixed with 1:300 – 1:500 water.
It is given as a spray or mixed with irrigation water.
Foliar spraying as soon as enough leaf surface area has developed.
Maximum 25 l Seaweed extract 20% / ha / year

Open field farming/lawn
E.g. 2 l seaweed extract / 200 l water / ha / 1-4 spraying times.

Neko Seaweed extract instructions for use pdf

Raw material: seaweed powder (Ascophyllum nodosum)
Dry matter content 6%

Note Due to the natural origin, the analysis values ​​are average values.

nitrogen N 0.25%
phosphorus P 0.01%
potassium K 0.60%
iron Fe 61.0 mg/kg
calcium Ca K 0.15%
sulfur S 0.75%
magnesium Mg 0.15%
copper Cu 0.1 mg/kg
manganese Mn 0.1 mg/kg
zinc Zn 6.8 mg/kg
boron B 1.1 mg/kg
molybdenum Mo 0.25 mg/kg