Neko Natural fertilizer

Neko Natural fertilizer

Neko Natural fertilizer is a plant-based, 100% organic general fertilizer approved for organic production.

Organic product

Package size 6 l, 1 l

Neko Natural fertilizer is a 100% organic, plant-based general fertilizer approved for organic production. It is made from biomass produced by the food industry. Contains sugar, molasses, glucose syrup and mycelium of the fungus (Aspergillus niger) used in the citric acid process. The fungal mycelium improves the connection of the plant’s roots to the soil and microorganisms. The plant’s ability to absorb nutrients increases and the structure becomes stronger.

Advantages of use:

  • Bushy and intensely green vegetation
  • Improves water and nutrient absorption
  • Stimulates the activity of microorganisms
  • Increases soil airiness and crumb structure
  • Strengthens the plant’s root system and disease resistance
  • Calcifying effect (calcium 8%)

Neko Natural fertilizer is suitable for fertilizing all plants.
Applications include, for example, summer flowers, perennials, greenhouse and open ground plants, herbs, bulbous flowers, shrubs, trees, lawns and soil mixtures.

Only one fertilization per growing season is enough. Neko Natural fertilizer is a long-acting fertilizer that is used only once per growing season. In the first year of use, maximum amounts are recommended. Nutrients dissolve evenly for use by plants throughout the growing season.

Applied or mixed with surface soil and soil mixtures in early spring, early summer or late autumn.

1-2 dl / m2 tai
1-2 kg / 10 m2

2 dl / 10 l of water
5-10 kg / m3

Type name Organic nitrogen fertilizer

Made from biomass generated in the food industry. Recyclable fertilizer.

Nutritional content as a percentage

nitrate nitrogen N 5%
phosphorus P 0.65%
potassium K 0.42%
calcium Ca 11%
zinc Z 0.2%