Neko Seaweed extract

Neko Seaweed extract

Neko Seaweed extract is an organic seaweed extract made from pure kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) for green and garden plants.

Organic product

Package sizes 300ml, 500ml

Neko Seaweed extract is a biological conditioner for green and garden plants that strengthens the growth and root system. It is made from pure kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum). Seaweed extract contains trace elements, plant hormones and small amounts of nutrients important for plants. In addition to trace elements, the extract contains plant hormones and amino acids that promote plant growth.

Organic product

Neko seaweed extract is suitable for use on all plants for year-round use. Add Neko Seaweed extract to the irrigation water ½-1 cap per liter every other watering. Neko seaweed extract is also suitable as a leaf spray mixed with water. Mist the leaves from time to time with just water. Use up the water-seaweed mixture you mixed all at once.

Mix ratio:
5-10 ml Neko seaweed extract
1 l of water


1 dl Neko seaweed extract
20 l of water

As a foliar spray, ½ cap per liter of water (5 ml Neko Seaweed extract/1 l water).

Shake the product before use.

Store protected from freezing and sunlight below +35 degrees out of the reach of children and pets.

The manufacturer is not responsible for use contrary to the instructions.

Type name: seaweed extract
Raw material: seaweed powder (Ascophyllum nodosum)
Dry matter content 6%

Note Due to the natural origin, the analysis values ​​are average values.

nitrogen N 0.25%
phosphorus P 0.01%
potassium K 0.60%
iron Fe 61.0 mg/kg
calcium Ca K 0.15%
sulfur S 0.75%
magnesium Mg 0.15%
copper Cu 0.1 mg/kg
manganese Mn 0.1 mg/kg
zinc Zn 6.8 mg/kg
boron B 1.1 mg/kg
molybdenum Mo 0.25 mg/kg