Neko Autumn fertilizer

Neko Autumn fertilizer

Neko Autumn Fertilizer lincreases the winter hardiness of plants, promotes root growth and the development of next year’s flower motifs. For all plants. Mon-Thu 4-5
Package sizes 1 l, 3 l

Use Neko Autumn fertilizer for perennial plants as an autumn fertilizer in August before the leaves turn yellow and for berry plants immediately after harvesting. Neko Autumn fertilizer is mixed with irrigation water. The base of the plants is properly watered from the area covering the entire plant. Application amount: 5-10l of diluted fertilizer solution/m2.

Mix ratio:
0.25-1dl Neko Autumn fertilizer (depending on the size of the plant)
10l of water

Neko Autumn fertilizer is also suitable for use as a phosphorus and potassium supplement for crop-producing plants (e.g. potato, root vegetables, berry plants). Time right after flowering. Increase yield and crop quality.

Shake the product before use.

Use only for fertilizer purposes. Store at 5-30 oC, protected from sunlight, away from food and feed, out of reach of children and pets.

The manufacturer is not responsible for use contrary to the instructions.

Type name inorganic, multinutrient fertilizer containing organic matter

Nutrient content in weight percent:
phosphorus (P) 4%
potassium (K) 5%

Organic ingredient: seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and vinasse extract

Dry matter content 1.6%

Net weight 1 l = 1.25 kg