Neko Seaweed 100% powder

Neko Seaweed 100% powder

Neko Seaweed powder 100% organic is a water-soluble organic plant care agent for soil and seedlings. Strengthens the root system and increases the plants’ stress tolerance and improves the quality and quantity of the harvest.

Type name seaweed

Package size 20 kg

Seaweed powder – organic plant care agent. 

Type name  seaweed


  • water soluble, use dissolved in water
  • thickens the root system – increases chlorophyll production
    – promotes plant development
  • in the root stage treatment for soil and seedlings
  • during the growth phase, foliar spraying strengthens stress tolerance
    (diseases, drought, excessive humidity), improves the quality, quantity, and
    storage stability of the crop
  • for open ground no more than 5 kg Seaweed powder 100% / ha / year


General instructions: 600 g – 1 kg of Neko Seaweed powder in 1000 l of water.
The usage strength can be 1:50 – 1:1000, depending on the purpose and method of use.
The amount of water is not critical. Use the diluted solution within approx. 1 – 5 days.
Seaweed powder composition in percentages by weight 5 x Neko Seaweed extract 20%.

Amount of use:
Amount of use of a solution made from seaweed powder
1/5 of the dilution ratio of seaweed extract 20%.
Note! 200 g seaweed powder = 1 l seaweed extract 20% = mother solution.

Raw material Pure kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum).