Neko Organic 4 – NPK 9-2-5 -pellet

Neko Organic 4 – NPK 9-2-5 -pellet

An organic fertilizer suitable for field fertilization, especially for canola and canola, vegetable plots and grasses, especially for plants that require potassium or soils with little potassium.

Type name Organic fertilizer of animal origin

Package size 750 kg big sack

NEKO ORGANIC 4 – NPK 9-2-5 Mg 0.5 Ca 2.4 B 0.15 Organic

Type name: Organic fertilizer of animal origin

Meat and bone powder, vinasse, potassium sulfate. Pellet 4 mm.
Field, open ground, grass
– especially for potassium-demanding plants; canola and canola.
– for countries with low potassium content.


  • fertilizer suitable for organic production
  • organic matter of animal origin
  • increases soil micro-animal activity – improving soil structure
  • permanent fertilizer
  • application in connection with spring sowing/tillage.
  • mixed sowing – fertilizers for use by the plant as soon as growth begins
  • high nitrogen content in relation to phosphorus – annual use possible
    – the phosphorus content does not get too high
  • fertilizer depth approx. 4-8 cm.

Use volumes are affected by e.g. cultivated plant,
composition and nutrient status of the soil/growing medium.

Open land approx. 500-1000 kg / ha / year
Autumn fertilization approx. 300 kg / ha

Neko NPK 9-2-5 pdf

Raw material:

Meat and bone powder, vinasse, potassium sulfate

Composition in weight percentages:

Total nitrogen N 8.8
Organic nitrogen N 8.8
Phosphorus P 2,1
Potassium K 5.0
Calcium Ca 2,4
Magnesium Mg 0.5
Sulfur S 2,2
Iron Fe 330 mg/kg
Zinc Zn 190 mg/kg
Boron B .015 mg/kg
Manganese Mn 23 mg/kg
Organic matter 91%