Neko Cactus Nutrient

Neko Cactus Nutrient

Neko Cactus nutrient is a liquid special nutrient for all cacti and succulent plants. N-W-W 3-3-5

Package size 250 ml

Add half a capful of Neko Cactus nutrient to a liter of water in the irrigation water. Cacti and succulents are fertilized during the growing season with every watering. Can also be used together with Neko Seaweed Extract. Spraying with seaweed extract is especially good for leaf cacti.

Mix ratio:
3 ml Neko Cactus nutrient (1 cap = 6 ml)
1 l water

Use only for fertilizer purposes. Store in a cool place, protected from freezing and sunlight, out of reach of children and pets.

The manufacturer is not responsible for use contrary to the instructions.

EC fertilizer

Type name NPK fertilizer

Nutrients in weight percentages

(N) 3 ureatype (N) 3 phosphorus (P) 3 potassium (K) 5